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Logo Design

$75.00 - $150.00

What You’ll Get:

1. Vector File (AI, EPS, SVG): These files are like the graffiti artists of the logo world—versatile, bold, and ready to make a statement. Need your logo on a skyscraper or a sticker? No sweat, these files got you covered.
2. Raster File (PNG, JPG): Time to flex your logo’s digital muscles! These files are all about making your brand shine online—think website, social media, or anywhere you want to make your mark in the digital jungle.
3. PDF File: Keep it old-school with a PDF that’s as reliable as your favorite corner bodega. Whether you’re printing posters or pitching to investors, this file keeps your logo looking fresh, no matter where it goes.
4. Brand Guidelines Document: Consider this your logo’s hype squad. It’s got all the dos and don’ts to keep your brand’s vibe consistent and on-point, whether it’s on a billboard or a business card.

How to Use Each File:

• Vector Files (AI, EPS, SVG): These files are like the urban artists’ toolkit. Need your logo to go big or small? These files keep it sharp, no matter the size or surface.
• Raster Files (PNG, JPG): Show off your logo’s street smarts online. Whether it’s your website, Instagram feed, or email signature, these files bring the heat wherever your brand goes.
• PDF File: Keep it real with a PDF that’s as versatile as your favorite streetwear. Share it, print it, or present it—this file’s got your back, no matter the hustle.
• Brand Guidelines Document: Your logo’s wingman. Keep it close to make sure your brand’s vibe stays fresh and consistent, whether you’re rocking a billboard or a storefront.

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